Waiting for Doom


Episode 155: Fresh Baguettes For Christmas!

It’s definitely the ‘silly season’ as the human youths call it, so lets get your body moving like a Wild Ass (not a euphemism) in some virtual insanity, as your favourite Patrologists Mike and Paul see out 2019 with some more Doom Patrol! LET’S GET PATROLLING!

  • News Patrol – 9:25

  • Doom Clock – 11:30

  • Doomsplaining - 20:03 - This episode we cover the penultimate (or second last, as some would say) issue of Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds! Yes it’s issue 6 of (what we call) Volume 7, brought to us by Gerard Way, Jeremy Lambert, Omar Francia, Simon Bowland, Nick Derington, Maggie Howell and Andy Khouri!

  • Mailbag O Doom - 37:50 - We read through listener feedback as well as your responses to the last Question of the Week, which was: ‘What trend in comics would you reverse if you could?’


DCOCD 38 - Flashpoint

DCOCD is the DC Comics EVENT PODCAST where we discuss, contextualise and rank every single DC event in order starting with 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths up to... we're not sure yet.

Is this the end of the beginning of the DC Universe or is this the beginning of the end?

The DC Universe is all screwed up in 2011’s FLASHPOINT by Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope, Nick Napolitano, Alex Sinclair, Adam Schlagman and many more.

Mike, Paul and special guest Martin Gray try to make sense of this new reality and sort it out with a score. How will they rate FLASHPOINT? Tune in and find out!

If you have thoughts, opinions, encouragement or issues, please feel free to contact us via waitingfordoom.com or at DCOCDCast@gmail.com and on twitter @DCOCDCast



Episode 154: Exciting Adventures To Inspire Your Amalgimagination!

Your favourite Patrologists are back, along with fan favourites Elasti-Girl, Ferro Man, Beastling, Shatterstarfire and Niles Cable! What, what?? Who?? Doo-doo-do-doo! LET’S GET PATROLLING!

  • News Patrol – 6:20

  • Doom Clock – 9:53

  • Doomsplaining - 17:44 - This episode we take a detour into the Amalgam Universe and check out the X-Patrol and Exciting X-Patrol comics from 1996 and 1997, brought to us by Kalr and Barbara Kesel, Roger Cruz, Jonathan Holdredge, Richard Starkings, Tom Vincent, Jays Gardner, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary, and Joe Andreani!

  • Mailbag O Doom - 49:14 - We read through your responses to the last Question of the Week, which was: ‘What movie or TV show do you want to read comics of?’

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