Waiting for Doom


Episode 155: Fresh Baguettes For Christmas!

December 26, 2019

It’s definitely the ‘silly season’ as the human youths call it, so lets get your body moving like a Wild Ass (not a euphemism) in some virtual insanity, as your favourite Patrologists Mike and Paul see out 2019 with some more Doom Patrol! LET’S GET PATROLLING!

  • News Patrol – 10:53

  • Doom Clock – 12:54

  • Doomsplaining - 21:26 - This episode we cover the penultimate (or second last, as some would say) issue of Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds! Yes it’s issue 6 of (what we call) Volume 7, brought to us by Gerard Way, Jeremy Lambert, Omar Francia, Simon Bowland, Nick Derington, Maggie Howell and Andy Khouri!

  • Mailbag O Doom - 39:04 - We read through listener feedback as well as your responses to the last Question of the Week, which was: ‘What trend in comics would you reverse if you could?’

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