Waiting for Doom



This week we go as nutty as an issue of the Patrol from back in Morrison's heyday, just with less actual Doom Patrol content. YAY! Yes, this week we discuss the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Age of Ultron. NOTE THAT THERE ARE LOTS AND LOTS OF SPOILERS FROM 19:30 ONWARDS. THE SPOILER SHIELD GETS DEACTIVATED AT 19;30 SO STOP LISTENING BEFORE THEN IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERRRRRRS.

  • Doom Clock - 1:37
  • Mailbag O Doom - 5:12 - How do you plan your comic purchases?
  • Doomsplaining Part 1 - 14:24 - SPOILER FREE DISCUSSION
  • Doomsplaining Part 2 - 19:30 - SPOILERS GALORE WARNING SPOILERS

Episode 16: What, MORE Mento??

Hey Patrollers, how YOU doin'? You guys like Mento, right? Right? Hey, come back here!

Our sixteenth episode has us discussing the week that was in comicdom, before we take another look at the Doom Clock (7:26).

We then take a trip back in time to 1964, as we discuss issues 91 to 93 from volume 1 of the Doom Patrol, in this week's Doomsplaining (10:37). Everyone's favourite 5th richest man in America features in 2 of these issues!

We close the show with the Mailbag-O-Doom (01:10:00), where we read listener responses to our Question of the Week: "Who's your comic character infatuation?". Thanks for listening!


Episode 15: Feels Like Teen Spirit (Constantly)

Patrollers, assemmmmblllllle!! Lets get ready to discuss more Doom Patrol-related shenanigans!!

Our fifteenth episode kicks off with the usual look at other comics we read this past week, before checking in on the Doom Clock (8:52).

Then we we discuss the appearance (such as it is) of the Doom Patrol in the wordy, feelings-heavy New Teen Titans, from 1981 (issues 13 - 15), in this week's Doomsplaining (11:17). 

We close the show with the Mailbag-O-Doom (57:45), where we read listener responses to our Question of the Week: "What's your favourite comics related merchandise?". Thanks for listening!


Episode 14: Paris (Via) Texas with Jessica Boyd!

Greetings, Patrollers! Are you ready for our most EPIC episode yet?? We've got an EPIC topic (The Painting That Ate Paris), and EPIC running time (over an hour and twenty minutes!) and an EPIC guest cohost, Jessica Boyd (of The Comicosity Hangout!)! LET'S ROCK THIS EPICNESS!!

Our fourteenth episode kicks off with the usual look back at the week that was (note this was recorded during the Easter weekend, FYI), before taking a look at the Doom Clock (11:06). 

Then we we discuss the bizarre happenings in the classic tale, 'The Painting That Ate Paris' (Doom Patrol Volume 2, Issues 26 - 29), in this week's Doomsplaining (13:40). 

We close the show with the Mailbag-O-Doom (1:09:41), where we read listener responses to our Question of the Week: "What's your favourite fictional place?". Thanks for listening!


Episode 13: Talkin’ Bout Them Dooom C-C-Collections

Ready for more patrolling? Let's do this!

Our thirteenth episode kicks off with the usual chinwagging nonsense, before taking a wistful gaze at the Doom Clock (7:28). 

Then, in light of the recent renewed interest in the Doom Patrol (GEE WONDER HOW THAT HAPPENED, YOU'RE WELCOME, INTERNET), this week's session of Doomsplaining (10:35) has us discussing the various collected editions that may (or may not) be available these days. 

Finally, we close the show with the Mailbag-O-Doom (32:39), where we read listener responses to our Question of the Week: "What's your favourite comic reprint collection?". Thanks for listening!

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