Waiting for Doom


Episode 15: Feels Like Teen Spirit (Constantly)

April 16, 2015

Patrollers, assemmmmblllllle!! Lets get ready to discuss more Doom Patrol-related shenanigans!!

Our fifteenth episode kicks off with the usual look at other comics we read this past week, before checking in on the Doom Clock (8:52).

Then we we discuss the appearance (such as it is) of the Doom Patrol in the wordy, feelings-heavy New Teen Titans, from 1981 (issues 13 - 15), in this week's Doomsplaining (11:17). 

We close the show with the Mailbag-O-Doom (57:45), where we read listener responses to our Question of the Week: "What's your favourite comics related merchandise?". Thanks for listening!