Waiting for Doom


Waiting For Doom 162 - Riley Shanahan, Man who is a Robotman

August 13, 2020

In a very special episode we talk to the charismatic DOOM PATROL actor who brings Robotman’s physical performance to life. Yes, we have an exclusive interview with the very tall, talented and handsome man inside the suit: RILEY SHANAHAN!!!

Plus there’s the usual blab from Mike and Paul of varying quality.



  • News Patrol– 6:25
  • Doom Clock – 9:13
  • Doomsplaining- 15:53 - This episode we talk to Riley Shanahan about doing the robot for 2 seasons on the Doom Patrol television series.
  • Mailbag O Doom- 58:52 - We read through listener feedback as well as your responses to the last Question of the Week, which was: ‘Which female comic character is most deserving of an ongoing comic series?’


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