Waiting for Doom


Episode 6: OMGM! (Oh My, Grant Morrison!)

February 5, 2015

Greetings and salutations, Patrollers! Ready for more Doom Patrol excitement? OF COURSE YOU ARE! 

In our sixth episode, we open the show with our first ever giveaway (gasp!) - tune in to learn how you could win a comic by friend of the show, Carl Smith! We then take another look at the Doom Clock (4:23) before heading into Doomsplaining (6:35), in which we discuss the first arc by Grant Morrison, 'Crawling from the Wreckage' (issues 19-22, vol2)! We close the show with the Mailbag-O-Doom (28:18), where we read listener responses to the Question of the Week: "What's the best creative change in direction on a comic title?". Thanks for listening!