Waiting for Doom


Episode 37: A Life In The Day When It Rains Plastic Men

October 21, 2015

Plastic Men! Final requests! Steve Miller! George Brett! Mispronounced Chemo-Zooids! Well with all weirdness it can only mean one thing - a new episode of Waiting For Doom! Let's do this!! 

Doom Clock 6:38

Doomsplaining - 9:26 - this week we discuss issue 9 from volume 2, which contains the story 'It's Raining Plastic Men' from Kupperberg and Larsen, as well as the Bonus Book, 'A Life In The Day'.

Mailbag O Doom - 39:46 - This week's question was 'What is the best comic cover logo design?'

Thanks for listening!