Waiting for Doom


Episode 30: The Life And Times of John Dubrovny

August 27, 2015

Cold war shenanigans! The Patrol coming to an end! The Suicide Squad! More America v Russia shenanigans! 2 old dudes talking comics! It's all that and maybe some more in this episode!

Doom Clock 5:31
Doomsplaining - 8:22 - we first travel back to 1965 to take a look at issue 98 from Doom Patrol volume 1, and then jump to 1988 for the Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special. What's the link between these two books? Why it's the elemental villain, Mr.103 (or 104, depending on the era)
Mailbag O Doom - 46:47 - What was the best death in a comics?
Thanks for listening!