Waiting for Doom


Episode 2: Doom Toons

January 8, 2015

Your favourite Patrologists return! Mike and Paul are back to discuss everyone's favourite superhero team, the Doom Patrol! 

In our second episode, the guys discuss their current reads, before checking on the Doom Clock (13:00), and in this weeks session of Doomsplaining (13:45) we take a look at the Patrol in animated form - yay for cartoons! We then close the show with the Mailbag-O-Doom (37:47), where we read listener responses to the Question of the Week: "What's your favourite comic-related cartoon?"
Bonus! Links to Doom Patrol cartoons!
DC Nation - Doom Patrol Chapter #1: Challenge of the Timeless Commander

DC Nation - Doom Patrol Chapter #6: Trail of the Terrible Titan

DC Nation - Doom Patrol Chapter #10: The Spy Within the Doom Patrol