Waiting for Doom


Episode 172: It’s Pronounced BIZWIF (feat Doom Patrol!)

March 23, 2022

Mike and Paul are back! And so are the Doom Patrol! In an all new, super neato, innocuous comic called Batman/Superman: World’s Finest! GIRD YOUR EARS, HUMANS!

  • News Patrol - …??

  • Doom Clock – 16:23

  • Doomsplaining- 24:23 - As mentioned about an inch (inch and a bit? 2 inches?) above this line, Batman and Superman have teamed up in a new volume of WORLD’S FINEST! And the creative team have made the EXCELLENT choice of including the Doom Patrol in the first story arc! Join us for some super fun!

  • Mailbag O Doom - 58:16 - We thank those who have reached out to us recently!


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