Waiting for Doom


Episode 165: The End (At This Stage)

November 14, 2020

After 6 years and 164 episodes, my humans Mike and Paul reach a major milestone: the finale of Doom Patrol Volume 5….and covering every Doom Patrol volume in print (at this stage)!! Join us for this momentous event in WFD history, after covering everything from My Greatest Adventure 80 to Weight of the Worlds 7, and stay tuned for a very special announcement regarding the future of the show.

  • News Patrol - 8:22

  • Doom Clock – 10:31

  • Doomsplaining- 18:36 - This episode we reach the end of Volume 5, and discuss issue 22! Brought to us by Keith Giffen, Matthew Clark, Ron Randall, Art Thibert, Patrick Brosseau, Guy Major, Elizabeth V. Gehrlein and Simona Martore!

  • Mailbag O Doom- 33:24 - We read through listener feedback as well as your submitted QuestionS of the Week!

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