Waiting for Doom


Episode 132: Malevolence In The Benevolence - Titans 1.4 Minisode

November 3, 2018

Remember those days when we wondered if the Doom Patrol would ever return to comics, and how surprised we were when then did? Well imagine our collective surprise when it was announced they'd be appearing on our TV's (and giant monitors, for those so inclined)!

Yes, the Doom Patrol have made their first live action appearance on TV, as part of episode 4 of the 'Titans' series on the DCU streaming service.  As Mike and Paul live in Australia and are unable to access said service AT THIS STAGE, they've been assisted with a review by special correspondent and friend of the show, Dr. Anj, of the Supergirl Comic Box Commentary Blog.

We hope you enjoy this special minisode, and thanks to Dr. Anj for coming to our rescue!