Waiting for Doom


Episode 118: Mental Flossam and Jetsam

February 22, 2018

Run for your lives, it's timf for more Waiting For Doom! Mike and Paul return to take a look at the under-appreciated Volume 3 of the Doom Patrol, featuring multiple RobotmEn, bittersweet closure, spooky monsters and ill-timed phone calls! Let's get patrolling!

  • Down on Derington Way - 6:36
  • Doom Clock - 11:39
  • Doomsplaining - 16:39 - At long last, we return to volume 3! There really was a good reason for it though. Honest. For reals. Anyway, we take a look at issues 9 and 10 by John Arcudi, Tan Eng Huat, Dave Stewart, Bob Lappan, Harvey Richards and Andew Helfer!
  • Mailbag O Doom - 37:14 - Which comic book character looks best in black and white?
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