Waiting for Doom


Episode 19: Musings On Another World with Chris Sebela!

May 14, 2015

Your favourite Patrologists are back, and boy, do we have an episode for you: special celebrity comic creating guest, alternate music, and sexy aliens! This is also our first ep as part of the Inner Circle Comics podcast network - check out our partners for more comic-related awesomeness!

Our nineteenth episode begins with a discussion of the week that was in comics, before we check the numbers on the Doom Clock (9:17).

In this week's Doomsplaining (11:34) we discuss the wonders of the Morrison era, with our very special guest, writer Chris Sebela ! Chris shares with us his thoughts on the team, and what this run in particular means to him.

We then check the Mailbag-O-Doom (44:43), where we read listener responses to our Question of the Week: "What's your favourite alien race?". We close the show with an alternate outro track - 'Asleep' by The Smiths, lyrics of which were used in an all time  favourite issue of Chris'. 

Thanks for listening - we hope you enjoy the show!