Waiting for Doom


DCOCD 50 - Heroes in Crisis

March 30, 2021

DCOCD is the DC Comics events podcast, where we look at every DC event in chronological order from Crisis on Infinite Earths to... we're not quite sure yet.

in 2018 we learnt about Sanctuary. A place where heroes can go and work through their problems. What could possibly go wrong?

Welcome to HEROES IN CRISIS from creators Tom King, Josh Williamson, Clay Mann, Travis G Moore, Lee Weeks, Mitch Gerards, Jorge Fornes, Clayton Cowles, Tomeu Morey, Arif Prianto, and Jamie S Rich.

Paul is joined by the pair of positive podcasting powerhouses Peter Rios and Sean Ross to discuss, dissect and score this event.

If you have thoughts, opinions, encouragement or issues, please feel free to contact us via the comments section on this post or at DCOCDCast@gmail.com and on twitter @DCOCDCast


Intro/Outro music: No Sanctuary - Unsecret

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