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DCOCD 45 - Convergence

October 6, 2020

DCOCD is the DC Comics events podcast, where we look at every DC event in chronological order from Crisis on Infinite Earths to... we're not quite sure yet.

it’s 2015 and DC Comics is going places, literally, from New York to Burbank. And how will they find the time to do this? It’s time for the most ‘moving’ event ever: CONVERGENCE.

It’s from creators Jeff King, Dan Jurgens, Scott Lobdell, Carlo Pagualayon, Jason Paz, Stephen Sergovia, Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope, Ed Benes, Eduardo Pansica, trevor Scott, Scott Hanna, Wayne Faucher, Aaron Lopresti, Mark Morales, Travis Lanham, Rob Leigh, Marcello Maiolo, John Starr, Peter Stiegerwald, Brad Anderson, Marie Javins, Joey Cavalieri, Dan Didio and David Pina.

Paul and Mike are joined by comic writer David Gallaher (High Moon, The Only Living Boy, The Only Living Girl and Convergence: Green Lantern Corps) to discuss, dissect and score this event.

If you have thoughts, opinions, encouragement or issues, please feel free to contact us via the comments section on this post or at DCOCDCast@gmail.com and on twitter @DCOCDCast


Intro/Outro music: How Far We’ve Come - Matchbox Twenty

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