Waiting for Doom


DCOCD 33 - Amazons Attack

August 14, 2019

DCOCD is the DC Comics EVENT PODCAST where we discuss, contextualise and rank every single DC event in order starting with 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths up to... we're not sure yet.

It’s another rest stop on the long garbage-strewn highway to Final Crisis. This time it’s 6 issues of mayhem as the denizens of Themyscira forget everything they know about peace to wage wanton war on Washington in 2007’s AMAZONS ATTACK. All created by Will Pfeifer, Pete Woods, Brad Anderson, Travis Lanhan, Rob Leigh and Matt Idelson.

Enjoy our discussion of the mega man, monument and memorial massacre as villain Circe and angry Queen Hippolyta unleash an army and giant bees on a very localised part of the DC universe.

Paul and Mike are joined by Michael’s Staley and Bailey, plus Siskoid and Maggie and Jonathan Schaefer-Hames in this all-star spectacular.

If you have thoughts, opinions, encouragement or issues, please feel free to contact us via right here or at DCOCDCast@gmail.com and on twitter @DCOCDCast


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