Waiting for Doom


DCOCD 22 - Our Worlds At War

January 29, 2019

DCOCD is the DC Comics Events podcast where we discuss, score and rank every single DC event in order starting with 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths up to... we're not sure yet.

Paul with Superman cultist Michael Bailey and Laurel from the Huntress podcast, sign up for the multi-planetary conflict that is Superman: Our Worlds at War from 2001. This 3 month event was mostly in the Superman titles, but also spilled over into the pages of Supergirl, Young Justice, Batman, Impulse, Superboy, Wonder Woman and pulled in everyone from the JLA, to the Flash to the JSA.

Chief creators include Jeph Loeb, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, Mark Schultz, Peter David, Geoff Johns, Phil Jiminez, Jae Lee, Ed Brubaker, Scott McDaniel, Judd Winnick, Ed McGuiness, Doug Mahnke and many many others.

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