Waiting for Doom


DCOCD 12 - Bloodlines

June 28, 2018

Get ready to spill the blood with Diabolu Frank and Chris Sheehan as they don their speedos to join Paul in the steaming bloodbath for discussion and scoring of the most 90’s of DC events, BLOODLINES from 1993.

Find out with them how eventy this one is, how rad the writing and art were and a very lengthy discussion of all the many, many characters that went on to impact the greater cultural consciousness (many parts of this sentence are untrue).

When the blood has been cleaned up, stroll on over to Comicosity.com to check the DCOCD ladder to see Bloodlines take its rightful on the list.

Send us a bloody email at DCOCDcast@gmail.com and a bloody Twitter message @DCOCDcast if you have the spinal fortitude. And thanks for bloody listening!


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