Waiting for Doom


Episode 161: We All Turn Into Babies If We’re Lucky

Crazy Jane. Elasti-Woman. Positive Man. Space Case. Hank the Emotional Support Dog. Flex Mentallo. The Great Ludini. Lotion the Cat. Fugg. Mento (booo). This is the voyage of the star-faring Danny the Ambulance, journeying toward that strange new world, Planet Cliff….


Wait, what?



  • News Patrol – 6:51

  • Doom Clock – 8:37

  • Doomsplaining - 15:59 - This episode we discuss the 7th and final issue of Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds, brought to us by Gerard Way, Jeremy Lambert, Nick Derington, Michael Allred, Tamra Bonvillain, Simon Bowland and Andy Khouri!

  • Mailbag O Doom - 35:05 - We read through listener feedback as well as your responses to the last Question of the Week, which was: ‘Which comic character do you wish was more well known?’


DCOCD 43 - Multiversity

DCOCD is the DC Comics events podcast, where we look at every DC event in chronological order from Crisis on Infinite Earths to... we're not quite sure yet.

It's 2014 and comics are yelling at you not to read them. What’s happening? It must be something to do with GRANT MORRISON and a 9 comic event called MULTIVERSITY. It’s a another crisis from the creators Rian Hughes, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Ben Oliver, Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart, Marcus To, Paula Siqueria, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Sandra Hope, Mark Irwin, Jonathan Glapion, Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, Jaime Mendoza, Eber Ferreira, Todd Klein, Rob Leigh, Carlos Mangul, Clem Robins, Steve Wands, Nei Ruffino, Dave McCaig, Daniel Brown, Nathan Fairbairn, Brian Miller, Alex Sinclair, Jeromy Cox, Gabriel Eltaeb, David Baron, Jason Wright, Kevin Senft and Ricky Purdin.

Paul and Mike are joined by Professor Frenzy himself, aka Gerry Green to discuss, dissect and score this one.

If you have thoughts, opinions, encouragement or issues, please feel free to contact us via the comments section on this post or at DCOCDCast@gmail.com and on twitter @DCOCDCast


Intro/Outro music: Break It Down Again - Tears For Fears


Episode 160: Copping (Secret) Six of the Best with Craig MacDonald!

Waiting For Doom is back, HUZZAH! This week your hosts and favourite Patrologists, Mike and Paul, are joined by fellow Patrol fan, Craig MacDonald! Together they take a look at the times that the Patrol faced off against the Secret Six! This one’s got everything, gang! Form decapitations, mind control, donkey rides, and non-aggression talks with a pelican!


  • News Patrol – 6:14

  • Doom Clock – 12:28

  • Doomsplaining - 19:58 - First up we take a look issue 4 of the 2006 Secret Six mini-series ‘Six Degrees of Devastation’, by Gail Simone, Brad Walker, Jimmy Palmiotti, Travis Lanham, Paul Mounts, Karl Kerschl, Stephane Pern and Tom Palmer Jr. Then we take a look at the S6/dP crossover from 2011, ‘Suicide Roulette’! This story started in Secret Six 30, by Gail Simone, Jim Calafiore, Jason Wright, John Kalisz, Travis Lanham, Daniel Luvisi, Sean Ryan and Rachel Gluckstern - and then continued into Doom Patrol 19, by Keith Giffen, Matthew Clark, Ron Randall, Art Thibert, Sean Parsons, Pat Brosseau, Guy Major, Elisabeth V. Gehrlein and Simona Martore!

  • Mailbag O Doom - 45:37 - We read through listener feedback as well as your responses to the last Question of the Week, which was: ‘Which comic character would you want to be isolated with?’

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