Waiting for Doom


Episode 26: Back From The Dead! Again! Apparently.

Time for another look into the lives and adventures of everyone's favourite team of heroes, the Doom Patrol! Let's do this, Patrollers!

Doom Clock5:38
Doomsplaining - 9:07 - We look at issues 1 to 3 of volume 2, the Kupperberg/Lightle era!
Mailbag O Doom - 48:14 - What's your comic 'blind spot' that you'd like to explore?
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Episode 25: Super Villain Team-Up!

We did it guys! 25 episodes of Doom-filled goodness! Let's get to it!

Doom Clock - 6:01
Doomsplaining - 8:39 - We look at issues 96 and 97 from volume 1, the Drake/Premiani era!
Mailbag O Doom - 47:14 - What comic book grievance do you still feel?
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Episode 24: The Brain, Mallah, and Christopher Sebela!

Welcome back to Waiting For Doom - and welcome back to fellow Doom Patrol fan, and awesome comic writer, Christopher Sebela!

Our twenty-fourth episode begins with a discussion of the week that was in comics, including what Chris is currently working on, before we check the numbers on the Doom Clock (12:42).

Then in Doomsplaining (14:52), we return to volume 2, and discuss one of the funniest, most bizarre issues of Morrison's run - issue 34, 'The Soul of a New Machine'!

Finally we open the Mailbag-O-Doom (35:36), where we read listener responses to our Question of the Week: "What's your favourite duo in comics?". We then close the show with an alternate outro track - 'Still Ill' by The Smiths, lyrics of which were used in issue 34! Yes, this happened last time we had Chris on, too...new tradition, perhaps? 

Thanks for listening - we hope you enjoy the show!


Episode 23: Hey Did You Guys Know Mike Went to HeroesCon?

After a 2 week absence (totally Mike's fault), your favourite Patrologists are BACK! Did you miss us? Hello? Is this thing even on?

Our twenty-third episode begins with a discussion of the week that was in comics for Paul only, before we take another look at the Doom Clock (4:26).

Then in this week's Doomsplaining (7:03), we discuss very little in the way of actual Doom Patrol content and instead get to hear all about Mike and his trip to HeroesCon! Did you guys know Mike went to HeroesCon?

We then close the show with the Mailbag-O-Doom (35:03), where we read listener responses to our Question of the Week: "What's a comic-based Lego minifig or playset you wished existed?". Thanks for listening!

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